Documentary: The Noise of Cairo

If you’re interested and can spare 56 minutes of your time “The Noise of Cairo: The Artists behind the Egyptian Revolution” does a great job at detailing the current situation in Cairo, and the way it affects our lives here. It tells the story of post-revolution Egypt from the artists’ and musicians’ point of view, whose work exploded after the revolution in ways it couldn’t have otherwise due to State censorship. It also gives you great shots of the city, and a taste of the language, so you can get a feel for where we live. The interviews are very true to what we hear in daily conversation.

Watch it here.  (video expires online at the end of June) Or visit the website. 


3 thoughts on “Documentary: The Noise of Cairo

  1. Hello!! I am an American getting ready to move to Cairo in August for graduate school at AUC for the next two years! I am so excited, and have been following your blog for the last 6 months or so. I just wanted to ask how safe you guys feel there and wanted to know if you’ve been impacted in your daily life there by the elections. Thanks.

    • The AUC campus (the new one) is very far from Tahrir and most things are contained downtown there. The downtown campus gets closed periodically, but very little harm has been done. We feel very safe – no concern at all on our part. As long as you stay away from Tahrir on the protest days, you won’t experience any of the chaos. New Cairo is quite calm and detached.
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