Things Happened

Living without internet is a generally frustrating experience, but living without internet when the country is doing crazy, unpredictable and exciting things that change almost literally by the hour is really inconvenient. I arrived on campus today and kissed the Library for the wifi it offered me (ok, no, but I wanted to). Then I sat down to learn what the world had been up to in the past 12 hours.

Things happened. Our friends had a baby girl (congrats to the Trueloves!). The first photo of Angelina Jolie as Disney Villain Maleficent was released. And it became unclear as to whether former President Mubarak was dead or alive, in jail or hospitalized.

Interviews from doctors and jail personnel conflicted; supposedly he was pronounced clinically dead at some point. My Twitter feed seemed very confident he hadn’t survived the night, while others were calling it a typical Internet death scare. Aljazeera claims: “Mubarak in ‘critical condition’ in hospital.” CNN played it safe with their title: “Conflicting Reports about whether Mubarak has Died.” And later: “Uncertainty grows over Mubarak’s health as power struggle looms.”

This week we’re also waiting for the announcement of the next President. Fun times! I hope they’ll announce it before the weekend because Brice and I will be oblivious to what’s happening until we come back to campus on Sunday.

(Also: for those of you wondering about the table we purchased… so are we. Maybe Brice’s Arabic is shakier than we thought and he told them not to deliver it to the address he gave.)

What do you think?

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