Yesterday was The Moment. The Big Moment. The Moment Egyptians have been waiting for since January of last year. There was a lot of anxiety and worry concerning the announcement. Not a single individual Brice or I had spoken with were happy about either of the final candidates, Shafiq and Morsi. Many of my friends said they would boycott the run-off voting because it pained them to cast their vote for either men (to read a friend’s decision on this click here).

Yesterday was The Big Moment. Brice and I planned to be on the AUC Campus during the 3 pm announcement because the internet in our new apartment is still not up and running. But at noon AUC Admin sent out an email announcing they’d be closing the campus and bus routes at 2 pm that day. So we contacted our Egyptian friends and asked them to keep us informed via text messages. Not the ideal way to experience one of the landmark events in Egyptian history, but it worked out well.

At 4pm-ish (that’s right, an hour late. Classic Egyptian timing) it was announced that Mohamed Morsi was the victor. The results were extremely close; Morsi had 51.73 % of the votes while his opponent had 48.27%. Thankfully, Ahmed Shafiq was professional enough to accept the new president and urge his supporters to do the same.

We received many texts from our friends announcing the winner. The general opinion was that the winner was the “lesser of two evils” and only time would tell if he could succeed under the pressure of the position. Outside, we could hear car horns honking songs and fireworks popping.

Elected President Morsi appeared on TV and explained his intentions for his term. A new chapter in the Egyptian Revolution has just begun, and we are excited to be here to witness it.

What do you think?

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