The Cat Adventure

I am a cat person. I have had cats my entire life, and I love them more than anything (including tea and chocolate).

We have a cat. Her name is Cameo (click on Meet the Mascot to see pictures) and she is 10 months old. This is not a story about her.

Yesterday evening we found a hive of stray cats – 2 mamas and 7 babies between them, all completely weaned, probably around 7/8 weeks old. Only one of the mamas would let me pet her, but as I did, I hatched a plan to catch a kitten. Brice retrieved a big bowl of cat food for them all and while they ate I slowly inched myself closer to them. When the food was running out we put cat food inside our cat carrier and the kitten I was after (a calico) climbed in. Success! We returned home with our new friend, ready to meet the challenges of taming and loving her.

Cameo was thrilled. She has been very lonely since we got her from her old owners who had 5 indoor cats. Cameo chirped and purred and pranced at the kitten for hours, but the kitten would have nothing to do with her, and meowled for its mother, which only encouraged Cameo to try harder. We left the kitten alone in the spare room for a few hours and I went in to check on her after our movie. She had escaped – clawing her way through the window screen! We could hear her outside but she hid when we went outside to find her. So we went to bed, hopeful that she would find her way back to her family without our help. We knew that they are only a block away, but the little kitten did not.

I was awoken at 3:30am by hissing and growling, only to find the kitten back inside the spare room with Cameo! When she saw me, she darted back out through the window.

I was awoken at 8:40am, after Brice had left for work, and there was the kitten in our hallway! I was dismayed to discover she had clawed her way through the family room window as well. Yay. I see mosquitos and frustration in our future as we try to get both our screens fixed.

It is now noon and the kitten sits outside on our windowsill. Cameo is still distressed that she cannot befriend it, and I am distressed that every time the kitten continues to enter and exit to sleep on the couch, she is destroying the window screens we love so much. I have no idea how we will catch her in order to take her back to her family. She seems insistent upon staying here, so long as she has the house to herself.

I’m just happy I’m married to the kind of person who helps me do these sorts of things.

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