Dream Vacation

Our friend asked us a few weeks ago if we’d like to see his beach house. We said sure, with almost no enthusiasm. We weren’t sure it would actually happen, and we don’t really consider ourselves beach people. He has a small apartment located inside a resort about 60 km west of Alexandria. He drove us there, got us settled, and said he’d be back for us in four days.

Guys. Dream Vacation Location.

Things we learned:

1- You should vacation in Egypt during Ramadan. No one else is vacationing (because everyone is fasting) so you’ll have the place to yourselves.

2- Anyone can be beach people with the right beach.


2 thoughts on “Dream Vacation

  1. Is that water? There is no way that is water! I have never seen that shade of blue in my life. It can’t be real. One of the drawbacks of growing up in the Midwest, where the cornfields stretch for miles on end, I have come to realize is my lack of appreciation of spending time at/in the water.

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