The Tenderhearted Thief

My adventure blogs are slowly developing a theme, in case you haven’t noticed. They all begin with me doing something dumb. This time I lost our very best, biggest towel during our beach vacation. I retraced my steps throughout the resort and interrogated several bystanders but it was very, very gone.

The next day, we discovered that Bry had left her sunglasses at the beach. Worried we’d continue losing our possessions, I went back to look for them. I scoured the sands and interrogated several crabs but the shades seemed very, very gone. However, I did find a person (which was surprising because the beach was otherwise totally empty).

I approached him, used my lack-luster Arabic skills to introduce myself and ask him about the sunglasses. He didn’t seem to know anything about them, but he showed me a nifty carton of cigarettes he had fished out of the water. He then joined me in my hunt, since he obviously had nothing better to do.

We talked while we searched. We searched while we talked. Then we gave up and left the beach together. Just before we parted ways, he pulled something from his pocket:

Bry’s sunglasses!

From what I understand, he couldn’t stand to rob an acquaintance.

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