Another Ramadan

McDonalds “special” Ramadan treat: ice cream and fruit pies.

Ramadan is in full swing. This marks our second Ramadan in Egypt. The lifestyle schedule changes drastically during this month with most things not happening until after everyone breaks their fast at 7 pm (we hired a man to fix our window screens thanks to the wild kitty friend and he showed up at 11:30 pm). I talked Brice into running out to the market to grab us a snack after midnight and he was certain everything would be closed – not true during Ramadan (but also not true during most of the year, really. Night culture.).

Ordering food during Ramadan when everyone is fasting is an awful lot of fun, albeit with a small amount of unintentional guilt. I bought a sandwich at McDonalds last week and had the awkward pleasure of being the only customer. Some of the employees were playing Table Tennis.

I chuckled to myself when I saw the Ramadan treat sign… McDonalds sure pulls out the stops for the Holy Month by serving ice cream and fruit pies, things you can get all year round.


What do you think?

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