Another Kitten

My quest for a cat-infested life continues. After weeks and weeks of scheduling and rescheduling (Egyptians still manage to trick me into believing that they will do things when they say they will do them) we made what was supposed to be a short trip across AlRehab to an old woman’s apartment.

We walked for an entire hour.

What I learned: Rehab is not arranged logically.

The buildings are arranged in numbered groups. Easy enough. We set off walking toward where Group 31 should logically be. What we found: Group 21 was next to Group 24, which was beside Group 25, which was next to Group 27, which was before Group 22. When we crossed the main road, food court and medical center we finally found the 30s. It was at this point I asked Brice how lost he would let us get before he asked for directions. He took the hint and asked.

So we walked until we found Group 32, by now half-an-hour late (but no one cares on Egyptian time except me). So close! More directions. We found out 32 was separated from 31 by an enormous distance of Groups 33, 35, 36, and 37. Why that makes sense, I have no idea.

What else I learned: If you live by yourself in an apartment with 11 cats, everything you own will smell like cats.

The woman spoke no English. I was so impressed with Brice’s Arabic (he’s learning his first Second Language and I’m becoming a prouder wife every day). We picked the fluffiest one out of the youngest batch – she’s about 8 weeks old, we think. Mostly white, with a black tail and an awkward black spot on her head that looks like a beret. We may end up calling her that.

Cameo’s spoiled world has been upset by the harmless, mewing thing and she’s reacting normally as an older sibling who must now adapt to sharing her space and food and love and litter box. (The litter box is the hardest one to share, am I right?)

No pictures yet because the kitten is skittish and Cameo’s hostility isn’t helping her feel welcome. But we’re glad to have her. Cameo spent her first 2 days behind the fridge. I’m intent on turning this little one into a perfect snuggler also.

Kitten update: While we were assured the kitten was a girl, we have since learned it is a boy. Uh.


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