Egyptian Sarcasm Ruins Brice’s Self-Confidence

As I adjust to this new culture, I am consistently overwhelmed by the amount of things I don’t know. In order to make myself feel better, I celebrate every bit of information that I get right.

For instance, I was in the car with an Egyptian friend in downtown Cairo. There were lots and lots of buildings and roads and nothing looked at all familiar to me. But then I saw, like a beacon of hope and prosperity, the train station. I know the train station. I’ve walked around the train station. I’ve walked inside the train station. I’ve been hassled by shop owners near the train station. With sufficient funds and motivation, I might even be able to purchase a ticket to ride a train at the train station.

So I leapt up in my seat and pointed. “Hey look! It’s the train station!”

My Egyptian friend responded immediately. “Oh really? I’ve driven down this road for twenty years, and I never knew that was the train station!”

*This just in. Egyptians are experts at sarcasm.*

What do you think?

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