Summer’s Conclusion

Unlike all of you in the US, we had a wonderfully moderate summer; it didn’t get above 100F here in Cairo. We both worked on campus at AUC, made more friends, read more books, caught some cats, practiced some languages, saw more of Egypt. Our experiences + culture shock made for an exhausting summer.

Classes have begun. I’m the type of person who always wants to know what classes everyone is taking so that I can be appropriately jealous, if necessary. So.

Brice is taking: Classical Social Thought, Visual Anthropology and Thesis Writing Seminar.

I am taking: Advanced [Archaeological] Method and Theory, Material Culture and Hieroglyphs III, plus sitting in on Intro to Coptic.

We are excited. (anybody jealous?)

This summer we:

  • moved to a new and better apartment
  • got a new kitten
  • went to the beach
  • did not buy a table
  • toured Luxor with visiting family (photos coming soon)
  • ate fresh cucumbers in the countryside with friends
  • introduced ourselves to the Harry Potter universe for the first time (Brice read the books, we both watched the movies)
  • received some awesome care packages from wonderful people (Thanks Mom, Dad, Adam + Krista, and Tom!)

Book recommendations: Our favorite books we read this summer were The Last Unicorn (Brice) and The Shadow of the Sun (Bry). If you love classical fantasy, read Unicorn, if you love Africa or want to love/laugh with Africa, read Shadow.


What do you think?

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