Frustration, the Opera and Traffic

The title of my life this week is “Frustration, the Opera and Traffic.”

The New Cairo AUC campus has been closed since last Thursday (see Occupy AUC posts) – that’s going on 11 days. For us that means no library, which means shoddy research, and financial frustration because our ambitious teachers wanted us to hold class as usual downtown in coffee shops or their homes, which means I spent more time in taxis this week than I ever have in my life. Cairo traffic is notoriously bad, guys. On the upside: I am not behind on any of my classes and I got to explore the downtown area. On the downside: Well. We live out in ElRehab because we want to be near our campus, and “operations” on our campus are currently “suspended” with no restoration in sight (The irony that I was going to Tahrir Square to avoid the protests in New Cairo did not escape me).

Glory moment: I finally made it to the Cairo Opera House! And I’m thrilled that my first experience there was of Aida, an Opera about ancient Egypt that was first performed in 1871 (It is Egyptomania in its fullest realization). Aida’s stage and costume designs were fantastic. Those of us who don’t speak Italian or read Arabic spent most of our time trying to understand the story; that alone was an entertaining experience.

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