The End of Classes Downtown

At 10:30 pm on Sunday, AUC President Lisa Anderson signed an agreement with Student Union, faculty and staff representatives to ensure the reopening of the campus for regular use. I am ecstatic and relieved. Buses resumed their regular schedule today and classes will resume on campus tomorrow. Not having a campus caused a lot of logistical problems… where do we print papers? where do we do research if the library is closed? where should we hold class? how do we get downtown cheaply if the buses are not running? It was a valuable experience as far as understanding the city is concerned, but quite frustrating. A big yay-hurray for having our academic world restored.

We had our last classes downtown yesterday. I’m ready to never spend so much time in taxis and buses coming and going from outside Cairo, ever again. This photo was taken from the spot we held our Hieroglyphs III class yesterday.

What do you think?

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