Luxor: Luxor Temple

In continuation of photos from our trip to Luxor this summer. [Tip for anyone wanting to see Egypt: Come now. Since January 2011 Egypt is experiencing an incredible low as far as tourism. Now is the time to see the very touristy sites; you will have the sites to yourselves and things are generally cheaper now because the tourist demand is so low.]

The Luxor Temple was begun by Amenhotep III (18th Dyn.) and added onto/usurped by Ramesses II (19th Dyn.) It celebrated the divine birth of Amenhotep III by the god Amun. It is a relatively small temple located parallel to the Nile, and one of the must-see sites in Luxor. This was my second time to see it, and it was still enjoyable. [Another tip: There is a McDonald’s located directly across from the Temple and it is incredibly relaxing to sit up on the 2nd floor and look out through the big windows at Luxor Temple while enjoying a sundae. Almost comparable to eating pizza at the Pizza Hut across from the Giza Pyramids at sundown.]

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