Locked Out, Take 3

Last night a man climbed up our balcony and into our bedroom with a knife. Now, before you freak out, let me explain that it was a good thing:

We’ve had problems being locked out of our apartment before (see here and here). Our bedroom door-handle in our new apartment sticks sometimes and can be tricky to get open. I climbed out of bed after midnight to get a glass of water and couldn’t get the bedroom door to open. After a few minutes of struggling, neither could Brice. The realization soon settled in: we were locked into our bedroom in the middle of the night. I had an early field trip to the Delta the next morning and was in desperate need of sleep, but soon became more alarmed that I would miss the field trip because I couldn’t get out of the bedroom! (I imagined the call: “Hey! So… I can’t come today… No, I’m not sick. I can’t get out of my bedroom because the door-handle broke.” Very professional.)

Fortunately we are on the ground floor, and fortunately we had our spare keys in the bedroom with us, and we theorized that the door might still open from the outside. So Brice went out onto our balcony and hopped down. But when he made it to the front door, we realized that we had left our keys in the lock and that unlocking it from the outside with a spare key was not possible.

We were simultaneously locked in and out of our apartment.

Brice re-entered our bedroom by climbing up onto the balcony again. We scoured the room for something useful; alas, all of our tools were stored together in our second bedroom. Brice managed to unscrew the door-handle using a coil we had laying around (Brice “collects” things. Metal, plastic, stone, paper, etc.). But that did little to help us get the door open. Taking the door off the hinges was impossible. So Brice left the room again at 1 am, shoeless (shoes were in the family room) to find someone who could help. He came back with 2 guys: the pudgy one had a great deal of trouble climbing up our balcony. Oh the awkwardness. The thinner one came armed with a long knife.

By 1:45 they had managed to open the bedroom door, only to discover that our front door lock was now broken because of how they’d tried to jimmy it open from the outside.

Today we replaced the front lock (alhamdulillah) and the cats have claimed the bedroom as their own because we’re unable to close that door now.

What do you think?

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