A Hairy Business

If you own a television and have watched the world news recently, or if you read newspapers, or if you have lengthy conversations with someone who does one of those two things, than you know that there’s been some particularly hairy events taking place in Egypt recently.

It all has to do with some unpopular decrees that the president passed and the possible establishment of a new Egyptian constitution. People protesting for and against these things have demonstrated in Tahrir Square, in front of the presidential palace, and in many small cities throughout the country. These groups have fought with each other on occasion, resulting in nine extremely unfortunate deaths.

People are calling for more protests on Tuesday, and they’ll be voting for the Referendum on the 15th.

In other news, Bry and I apologize for not posting as often as usual (though it could be said that two weeks between posts is normal for me) and perhaps worrying some of you. We’ve actually been apprehended by something far more terrifying than political unrest: finals week. The Egyptians had the gall to schedule all this calamity during the last two weeks of the semester!

So be assured that we are quite alright physically, spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically, but certainly not mentally.

One thought on “A Hairy Business

  1. Thanks for the update. I do pray and I know God is with you both there so that takes the edge off of the worry:) It is nice to know you are all doing well. Annette

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