Making a little Christmas

This will be our first Christmas in Egypt. Last year we met up with my family in Kenya and exchanged gifts in our “home” country surrounded by the air we love and the birds we remember and the language of our childhood. It was a perfect return, one I’d longed for for years.
But this year we’ll be here, in our new home, so we’re trying to recreate as many of the Christmas traditions as we can to relieve some of the homesickness. (Nothing crazy, mind you! School still eats much of my time. For some adorable expat holiday creativity, see our friend Amanda’s blog!)

Things I’m thankful for:
-the mild “winter” weather (we only get barely below 50 F at night)
-that we will be together with our kitties and can relax until the Spring Semester
-that we will be able to skype with our families on Christmas
-Christmas films we brought with us (Elf, The Muppets Christmas, Santa Clause, the claymation classics with Rudolf and Frosty)

Things I miss:
-being able to give my Christmas gifts in-person
-our Christmas decorations in a box at my in-laws house
-spending Christmas morning with family

We found a small tree that we love, and ornaments, we hung up all the Christmas cards we’ve received since we got married, we’re making the festive foods: sugar cookies and fudge (and I might attempt homemade eggnog!). Christmas music, Christmas movies, a paper chain counting down to the big day. We even got our Christmas cards ordered last week and we’re so excited for everyone to see them! (We will post it on here when it is closer to Christmas)
Here are some photos of our Christmas preparations:








One thought on “Making a little Christmas

  1. I love your tree! Since Stephen and I always traveled back to see family for Christmas we did not do a Christmas tree. It was my tradition to decorate our ficus for Christmas:) I like your tree better!!!

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