Noisy Neighbors

In Egypt, if…

At 5am your next-door neighbor in your apartment building turns on their two huge heaters that are installed next to your bedroom window and the noise they make wakes you up and then keeps you awake, you have two options:

Option 1: put pillows over your ears and try to sleep while imagining a world without loud machinery

Option 2: go out onto the balcony armed with a broomstick, bang on your neighbor’s heaters until he turns his lights on, hide in the shadows of your balcony so he doesn’t see you, wait until he returns back inside, bang loudly on his heaters a few more times and then dart for the backdoor as quickly as you can, pausing once safely inside to hear the rewarding sound of your neighbor’s heaters being shut off.

I can tell you from experience that while Option 1 doesn’t always work, Option 2 certainly does. I’m so happy Brice knows how to think outside-the-box.


What do you think?

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