Henna Party

Last night I went with a friend of mine to a henna party hosted by an Iranian woman by blood, Indian by birth, and who is married to an Egyptian.
It was a multi-cultural night, for sure!
She served us Indian chai (India is the origin of Kenyan chai which I grew up on; it is black tea boiled in milk and served with lots of sugar. Additional sugar is optional, but tea without sugar is not.)
Of the 6 women in the room (all expats), three were married to Egyptian men, all of whom had come to Egypt on vacation, got hooked on the culture and married into it. It happens a lot, actually. Egyptian men are total sweethearts. The Canadian woman who has only been here for a month was thoroughly warned by the married women that if she wasn’t careful, she’d wind up staying here forever. It was all rather adorable.
And now I know a real, Indian henna artist, so you can bet there’s going to be a lot more henna done in my future! The last time it was done was by a super, sweet Sudanese woman who’d done it her whole life, and it was to die for! I just want to get my whole body done! (Ok, that might be pricey)



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