Postcards Are Cool


So, I think it’s time for a little expat advertising.
All expats have their favorite websites, restaurants, traditions or possessions that help them feel more “at home” in their new home, and closer to their loved ones than they are. One of my favorites is an app called Postagram. I can sit on my couch or at school and send slick, shiny postcards with a photo of my latest adventure to my friends and family thousands of miles away! The photo on the postcard even pops out into a 3×3 in photo that you can put into a little frame! They’re fun to send and fun to receive!
I got one today from two of my favorite nerds. Definitely going on the fridge! :)


2 thoughts on “Postcards Are Cool

    • The company (in the States) prints and sends the postcard from their office. They are 99c each and you can buy a bunch of ‘credits’ in the app at one time and then send postcards with them as you go!

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