We’re back!

After being away from our apartment for my 4 week stay in Luxor at the South Asasif and our 7 week trip to the US to visit friends and family, we are so very glad to be home again! We’ve returned to Egypt during a chaotic time (almost everyone we talked to right before our return was incredulous that we still planned on coming back)… the “second revolution” began on June 30th and culminated with the removal of democratically-elected Egyptian President Morsi just days later. Brice and I were in line for a ride at Disneyland with my family when we saw the news… and all we really wished for was that we could be here to experience it with our adoptive home country.


When we finally arrived back to Egypt a week ago, most of the country was experiencing a curfew that began at 7 pm and lasted until 6 am. Living under curfew is a very different and interesting experience! Traffic in Cairo, already notoriously bad, is worsened by the city-wide change in work hours, visiting hours, etc. The curfew was moved to 9 pm a few days ago, and yesterday moved again to 11 pm, hopefully making mobility in Cairo (grocery shopping, seeing friends, etc.) a little easier for us. My last semester of classes at the American University in Cairo begin tomorrow, on Sept. 2nd, and with this latest curfew push-back, all the evening classes on campus should be all to go ahead as scheduled.

All that being said, we are glad to be back and have had some quality catch-up time with our cats, apartment and friends. We’re excited to see what Egypt has in store for us next!


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