Camping in the Fayoum: Scenes of the Desert

Last month we got to do something we’ve wanted to do since moving to Egypt: camp in the desert! There are many popular places for desert-camping in Egypt and I wanted to share some photos from this experience. We’re looking forward to camping in some other places in the future. (I’m dying to get to Siwa Oasis and the White Desert!) The trip was organized as an Egyptology field-trip to the Fayoum, so we visited several ancient sites as well – I’ll share some of those photos in a separate blog post.

We were driven across the desert to our campsite in 4-wheel-drive vehicles, with our possessions, tents and meals packed atop them. Getting stuck is something that happens often, but the pause while the vehicle manages to free itself from the deep sand is a beautiful respite from the bumpiness of the ride. DSC_0862



A view of of Lake Moeris, an ancient lake that has given life to the oasis’ inhabitants for thousands of years. DSC_0858

The campsite from a distance.



At the campsite.


The little blue domes of our tents are visible in the distance as we drove away to see more desert sites.

Sunset over our campsite.




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