Language Practice Joke

As dedicated readers may remember, in my previous blog, Language Practice Battle, I described how I have been doing my best to practice my Arabic skills by using them in conversation. While some Egyptians insist on practicing their English on me, others humor me and my limited childish banter. So it was with the meter reader who came to check my electricity usage yesterday. I opened the door, and the conversation went like this:

Salam alicom.    (Yo.)

Alicom salam. Lizem byshof meterak.    (Yo. I need to see your meter.)

Meshi.    (Okay cool.)

Btitkalem Arabi kwayes.    (You speak Arabic well).

Ana arif shwaya bas.    (I only know a little.)

Btakal foul?    (Do you eat fuul? [a common Egyptian dish of beans])

Ayawa tab3n.    (Yeah, of course.)

Kwayes. Enta arif Arabi.    (Good, then you know Arabic.)

Thus, he insinuated that by eating traditional Egyptian food, I would learn to speak like an Egyptian. Needless to say, I will be eating much more Egyptian food now.


Luxor from the air

Tomorrow I am saying goodbye to my husband and getting on a plane to spend 4 weeks in Luxor. I am excited and nervous. It will be 115 degrees F when I land, and stay above 85 every night! I am preparing myself for an adventure and a lot of story-telling this summer.
Last week the AUC Egyptology department took a weekend jaunt in Luxor as our end-of-the-year field-trip. It was wonderful (and wonderfully hot!) and I’m looking forward to spending the next 4 weeks with those monuments. The high-light of the trip was the hot air balloon ride over the West Bank. We left the hotel at 4:15 am and watched the sun rise as we slowly lifted off the ground. The view was breathtaking. One cannot truly understand the landscape of this sacred place until you have seen it from the air.












Postcards Are Cool


So, I think it’s time for a little expat advertising.
All expats have their favorite websites, restaurants, traditions or possessions that help them feel more “at home” in their new home, and closer to their loved ones than they are. One of my favorites is an app called Postagram. I can sit on my couch or at school and send slick, shiny postcards with a photo of my latest adventure to my friends and family thousands of miles away! The photo on the postcard even pops out into a 3×3 in photo that you can put into a little frame! They’re fun to send and fun to receive!
I got one today from two of my favorite nerds. Definitely going on the fridge! :)