Meet our Mascots

We’re cat people. Not the crazy kind. Just the we-like-cats-more-than-people-and-we-want-them-to-overrun-our-house kind.

I kid. We have two cats, Cameo and Beret.

We inherited Cameo from an Egyptian family when she was a few months old. Sometimes also called Cambyses, and Boggle-eyed Bum. Her favorite things are toilet paper tubes, eating bugs, sleeping on my face, and staring out the window.

We inherited Beret from a nice Egyptian woman who lived alone with 11 cats. Sometimes also called Mouse. His favorite things are licking fingers and toes, getting tripped over, chasing and annoying Cameo, and eating anything.

Update: When we moved to Canada in 2016 we brought both our Egyptian kitties with us! 


What do you think?

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