Egypt’s Revolution

For those of you who are interested in what it’s like to live in Egypt immediately following the January 25th Revolution, we’ve composed (a very informal) timeline of our blogs that have to do with revolutionary events so you can follow along. We didn’t move to Egypt until July of 2011, but the fun didn’t end last spring. Even now, over a year after it began, Egyptian voices continue to speak loudly regarding the future of their country.

January 25th – Day of the Revolution.

January 28th – Internet and mobile phones are shut off across the country for several days in an attempt to disrupt the organization of protests.

January 29th – The headquarters for the National Democratic Party is set on fire, endangering the Egyptian Museum nearby though not damaging it. A curfew is issued and largely ignored.

February 11th – Vice President Suleiman announces Mubarak will resign from his Presidency. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) assumes leadership of the country.

February 13th – Tahrir Square is temporarily emptied allowing traffic to pass through for the first time since January.

April 21st – Mubarak’s name is removed from public places, including the Police Academy.

(July 29th – we move to Cairo)

August 3rd – The trial for ex-President Mubarak and his sons, among others from his regime, begin their trial at the Police Academy though the decision will not be found until the following spring.

September 9th – Protesters surround the Israeli Embassy in Cairo forcing the embassy personnel to flee, though no one was injured.

(October 21st – Gaddafi is confirmed dead.)

November 22nd – Call for a “million-man march” on Tahrir – not the first of its kind, though large marches are becoming more rare as time goes on.

November 28th – The first round of voting for the lower house of Parliament began, with voting continuing for several weeks.

December 2nd – Parliamentary elections begin in New Cairo, where we live.

January 25th – One year anniversary of the Revolution.

February 1st – Over 70 people die at a football game in Port Said, including an AUC student.

February 12-13th – A Student and Civil Disobedience protest is held in Cairo with little turnout despite initial support of notable universities including AUC.

March 1st – The Higher Presidential Elections Commission announces the timeline for the upcoming Summer elections (for an interesting “Guide” to the elections, click here).

April 16th – Ten Presidential candidates, including three notable individuals, are disqualified from running for office this summer. 48 hours later, after appeals, the decision was upheld.

May 23rd – Voting for the Presidential elections begins and lasts for two days. The tentative outcome days later is shocking.

June 2nd – Verdict is announced concluding Mubarak’s trial, as well as those of his sons and many other members of the old regime ruling party.

June 24th – Announcement of winning Presidential candidate: Mohamed Morsi.


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